Anti Mouse Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellent - 3-Pack Clipstrip

Product Code: STV828CS
  • New generation ultrasonic repellent: provides continuous ultrasonic output to help humanely drive away rodents and prevent their return.
  • Low-cost round the clock protection: simply plug in and switch on.
  • Discreet micro-footprint: small design does not Obstruct other plug sockets and allows their full use.
  • Pet-safe and welfare-friendly deterrent: ultrasonic sound waves released by the deterrent cannot be heard by humans or non-rodent pets.
  • Poison-free control: Suitable for use in food prep areas or where contact by non-target animals is a risk.
  • Clipstrip contains 12 Anti Mouse Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellents - 3 Pack (STV828).


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Trade price £200.04
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Drive off-shelf sales of impulse purchases for pick-up lines.
High impact merchandising for key and seasonal lines.
Display in-and-around store, dual locating your on-shelf products, off-shelf in high footfall areas.
Clipstrips are supplied pre-loaded with product and hanging s hook.

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