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Zero In - Flea Control Hot Spot and Fill

Product Code: HOT007
HOT007Zero In - Flea Control Hot Spot and Fill QTY
ZER026Home Flea Spray - 300ml Aerosol12
ZER020Flea Killer12
ZER019Flea Killer Refill Pack6
ZER021Home Flea Spray - 500ml RTU6
ZER026Natural Insect Killer Flea Bomb - 150ml One-Shot Aerosol6
ZER023Flea Killer Comb6
ZER024Home Flea Powder - 300g12
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Pack Size: 1
Trade price £313.38
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On-shelf merchandising, Hotspots are designed sit prominently on top shelves.

Highlight key lines with themed fact panels and advice. Order a Hotspot and receive the display and stock.

Dimensions: 100cm x 30cm x 40cm (h/w/d including header)

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