The Big Cheese Rodent Control

The Big Cheese Ultra Power - DSD Side and Fill

Product Code: DSD015
DSD015The Big Cheese Ultra Power - DSD Side and FillQTY
STV148Ultra Power Mouse Traps - 2-Pack12
STV563Ultra Power Mouse Trap Kit 6
STV722Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer6
STV149Ultra Power Rat Traps - 2-Pack6
STV564Ultra Power Rat Trap Kit 3
STV108Ultra Power XL Rat Trap3
STV163Fresh 'N Tasty Mouse & Rat Attractant - 26g6
STV568Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer - 15 x 20g 6
STV565Ultra Power Block Bait Mouse Killer Kit5
STV566Ultra Power Block Bait Rodent Killer Kit 3
STV723Ultra Power Plug-In Pest Repeller4
STV725Ultra Power Pest Repeller4
STV177Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap4
STV080Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap2
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Pack Size: 1
Trade price £586.55
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Short of shelf-space, let STV supply it for you! Our 5-shelf double-sided displays can be configured for single or multi-brand merchandising and create year-round retail displays. Pre-configured double-sided displays (DSDs) are supplied with stock and easy to retail.

Dimensions: 144cm x 52cm x 42cm (h/w/d including header)

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