Rat Populations – Top 10 UK Cities


Rats outnumber people two to one for the first time ever as lockdown triggers a surge in population.

The UK rat population is reckoned to exceed 150 million, more than twice the number of humans (68 million), say professional pest control operators www.pest.co.uk.

Quieter city and town centres during lockdown, with vacant restaurants and office buildings, and an abundance of food waste, are thought to have driven the surge. www.pest.co.uk reports a 25% increase in call-outs during 2020.


The Top Ten Cities and their Rat Population are:


1. London – 19.9m

2. Birmingham – 2.4m

3. Leeds – 1.7m

4. Glasgow – 1.3m

5. Sheffield – 1.2m

6. Manchester – 1.1m

7. Edinburgh – 1.1m

8. Liverpool – 1m

9. Bristol – 950,000

10. Cardiff – 760,000



 Dead or Alive?


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Neophobia Overcome


For those of us who didn’t do ancient Greek at school, neophobia is a fear of things new. And it’s the evolutionary trait that makes brown rats hard to control and can lead to periodic explosive population growth.

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Published at: 01 Jan, 2021