Why You Must Use a Bait Station

Controlling rodents often can involve the use of poison baits. However, these products can be toxic to other wildlife, domestic livestock and pets if used incorrectly.  Ensure that you can use rodenticides safely and effectively before using this method of control.

If you require the use of rodenticides, be advised that housing the bait in a tamper-resistant bait station is required by law. Bait stations must meet several criteria that prevent entry or tampering by non-targets.

Bait stations make the use of rodenticides more efficient by providing the following benefits:

  • They help prevent the spilling of bait.
  • They provide a protected place for rodents to feed, allowing them to consume more bait.
  • They keep non-targets away from the baits.
  • They protect bait from moisture, dirt, and dust, ensuring the bait is appetising to the rodent.

Placement Top Tips

When using a bait station, you should place it along runways leading to a food source. This could be next to walls, behind objects and where there are signs of rodent activity (fresh droppings, nests or burrows, runways and feeding places). When placing the bait station, ensure the non-entrance side is flush to the wall, lock the station and anchor it.

Rodents can be wary of new or unfamiliar objects that have been placed in the area, it may take days for some rodents to feel confident to enter. Be patient and they will visit the stations if they are well placed.

Our easy-to-use, lockable, durable bait station is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be used with a range of baits including blocks, grain and pasta. To ensure safe, effective, and legal use of rodenticides, please ensure you are purchasing a The Big Cheese Bait Station to house your bait.

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Published at: 18 Oct, 2021