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Slugs Away® Plant Protection - 3 Pack

Product Code: STV089
  • Easily protect plants and crops from slugs and snails.
  • Innovative collar design creates an impenetrable barrier.
  • Ideal for use in pots, planters, veg patches and allotments.
  • Suitable for organic gardening.
  • Unobtrusive and reusable design.
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Re-usable plant protectors. Protects seedlings and vulnerable plants and keeps slugs and snails at bay.
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What is the diameter of the Guard?

At it's widest part, the Guard measures 24cm including the overturned top lip. 

How many Guards are in a pack?

There are 3 slug guards in a pack. 

Are these reusable?


How far into the ground should the Guard be pushed?

Ensure that the ground isn't heavily compacted before attempting to insert the Guard as this may cause it to bend or snap. Push the Guard into the soil until the ground is level with the horizontal curve in the mould.  

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