Ultra Power Fly Papers - 24 Pack

Product Code: ZER508
  • Traditional, cost effective insect control.
  • Clean white paper with natural attractant.
  • Kills over 30% more flies than other brands.
  • Value pack of 24 rolls.
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Zero In® Ultra Power Fly Papers are the safe and poison-free way to eliminate flies and flying insects in and around the home. Use Ultra Power Fly Papers in any indoor room, particularly in kitchens, pantries and food preparation areas. The product is also suitable for out-buildings such as sheds, stables and barns, or in caravans. Clean white paper with long-lasting glue. With natural apple scent.
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How long should I leave them up for?
Leave in position until the fly paper is full or until flies are no longer a problem.

Can these be used outdoors?
They are suitable for out-buildings such as sheds, stables and barns.

How long is the tape in each roll?
Approx 79cm.

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