Anti Mouse Battery Powered Mouse Repellent Clipstrip

Product Code: STV820CS
  • Ideal for hard-to- reach areas away from mains power ie. loft spaces, sheds and garages
  • Portable sonic repeller provides continuous output that’s too high for humans and non- rodent pets to hear
  • Welfare-friendly deterrent
  • Low battery indicator
  • Single space treatment also suitable for holiday homes and caravans in out-of- season periods
  • Battery powered – 3 x AA batteries last for over three months and provide continuous ultrasonic protection (not included)
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Trade price £73.32
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Drive off-shelf sales of impulse purchases for pick-up lines.
High impact merchandising for key and seasonal lines.
Display in-and-around store, dual locating your on-shelf products, off-shelf in high footfall areas.
Clipstrips are supplied pre-loaded with product and hanging s hook.

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