• Remember, Remember Hedgehogs This November

    With the autumn upon us, chilly mornings and dark evenings herald the arrival of hibernation season for hedgehogs. As the leaves begin to pile up and with the creation of bonfires, they become the ideal spot for sleepy hedgehogs seeking a home for the winter months. Bonfire night is one of the biggest risks of the year for hedgehogs.

    01 Nov, 2021
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  • Why You Must Use a Bait Station

    Controlling rodents often can involve the use of poison baits. However, these products can be toxic to other wildlife, domestic livestock and pets if used incorrectly.  Ensure that you can use rodenticides safely and effectively before using this method of control.

    18 Oct, 2021
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  • Safe Use Of Rodenticides STV Statement

    At the start of January The Independent published an article shaming leading UK garden and DIY retailers for “promoting poisons” that it said “cause huge suffering and kill owls”.

    07 Jan, 2021
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  • Rat Populations – Top 10 UK Cities

    Rats outnumber people two to one for the first time ever as lockdown triggers a surge in population. The UK rat population is reckoned to exceed 150 million, more than twice the number of humans (68 million), say professional pest control operators


    01 Jan, 2021
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  • STV customer service calls peak during covid-19

    Continued over-the-phone and online support of its products by pest control specialist STV has been welcomed by home-users since the start of lockdown, with incoming call-rates and emails exceeding 100 a day and rising.

    20 Apr, 2020
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