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Defenders Slugs Away - a hit with home-grown

Grow-your-own is no longer an aspiration, but a necessity for many home-bound families enduring lockdown.  And as the nation digs in and home-grown produce becomes a more essential part of everyday life, so the swing to organic gardening is growing, too.
In particular, chemical-free plant protection is proving a hit on home-grown salad and vegetable crops this Spring, with sales of wool-based Defenders Slugs Away products increasing dramatically with on-set of warmer weather at the start of April. 
The biodegradable wool pellets form nutrient-rich mulch after a good soaking from rain or irrigation water, which also creates in-penetrable barrier to protect young salad crops against slug and snail damage. 
Slugs Away Wool Mats from Defenders are a new, ready-to-roll mulch matt that will boost soil temperature as well as provide pest protection.  The Wool Matts are ideal for transplanting delicate plugs and seedlings through, and as with wool pellets, will provide a 100% natural and compostable slug control solution.
Both products are readily available from your wholesale distributor. 

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