9v Universal Mains Adapter

Product Code: STV612
  • 9v DC adaptor with 7 metre cable length
  • STV606 Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller.
  • STV610 Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller.
  • STV620 Mega-Sonic Cat & Dog Repeller.
  • STV608 Mega-Sonic Fox Repeller (as a replacement).
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Compatible with Mega-Sonic® repellers (deterrent products purchased separately). 7 metre cable reach. Interchangeable UK and EU plugs.
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What products is this compatible with?
Use this with:
- STV606 Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller
- STV610 Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller
- STV620 Mega-Sonic Cat & Dog Repeller

The adaptor is supplied with the STV608 Mega-Sonic Fox Repeller, so this single unit can be used as a replacement if needed.

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