Ant & Cockroach Killer - 500ml RTU Spray

Product Code: ZER958
  • 2-in-1 action kills ants and cockroaches and the germs they leave behind
  • Odourless treatment ideal for household surfaces
  • Now with advanced antibacterial action, leaving the treated surface free from germs
  • Water-based formulation – solvent-free
  • Contains Cypermethrin and Benzalkonium Chloride anti-bacterial agent
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Ant & Cockroach Killer Spray from Zero In® is an effective way to control both ants and cockroaches in and around the home, and it can also be used on furniture and floor areas. Affected areas may need to be treated more than once in the event of heavy infestations. Kills ants and cockroaches, and helps prevent allergies. Long lasting protection.

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