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Bed Bug Trap - 5-Pack

Product Code: ZER967
  • Traps and kills bed bugs discreetly
  • Each trap gives up to 60 days protection
  • Catches bed bugs at all stages of development
  • Use to monitor infestations
  • Poison-Free
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Zero In® Bed Bug Traps - 5-Pack are a discreet and cost-effective method of monitoring bed bug activity in bedroom areas. The traps are designed using a long-lasting adhesive contained within a unique folding, lock-tab design that creates the effect of a bed bug harbourage. Use the traps as an early indicator of bed bug infestations - they are sensitive enough to identify a problem even at low infestation levels. Zero In Bed Bug Traps can also be used following a bed bug treatment to check for repeat infestations. Traps and monitors bed bugs. Lasts up to 60 days. Poison-free bed bug control.
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Where do I place the traps?
On the floor near the foot and head of the bed.

How are the traps set?
Open the card and remove the cover from adhesive pad. Fold the inserts back inside and close the trap – take care not to press too firmly. Overlap the tabs to lock the trap. The bed bugs will enter the trap through the open ends.

Do they contain any chemicals?
No, this product is poison-free.

Do I need anything else alongside these?
We recommend you use the Zero In Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer Spray (ZER968) with these to treat the mattress and cracks and crevices.

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