Clothes Moth Killer - 500ml RTU Spray

Product Code: ZER427
  • Total, long-lasting control - kills clothes moths, their larvae and eggs
  • Water-based surface treatment for wardrobes, cupboards and drawers
  • Now with advanced antibacterial action, leaving the treated surface free from germs
  • Solvent-free
  • Odourless treatment
  • Contains Cypermethrin and Benzalkonium Chloride
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Clothes Moth Killer Spray from Zero In® is a fast-acting surface treatment for tackling clothes moth
infestations in wardrobes, drawers and other clothes and fabric storage areas. With advanced
antibacterial action, this water-based formula kills clothes moths and the bacteria they leave behind.

For amateur use to protect against clothes moths and larvae on porous and non-porous surfaces, and on hard and soft
furnishings. Not for direct application to fabrics, clothes or pet bedding.

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