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Flea Killer Refill Kit

Product Code: ZER019
  • Contains 3 refill discs and 2 spare lamps for use with Flea Killer (ZER020).
  • 7-Watt lamp rated for 1,000 hours continuous use.
  • Recommended to replace sticky discs every 2-4 weeks.
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Contains 2 x replacement bulbs and 3 x replacement discs. Poison-free - kills fleas with no sprays. Refills for use with Zero In® Flea Killer unit. A safe and effective way to rid your home of fleas without using poison sprays.
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Are the discs and bulbs available to buy separately?
No, the discs and bulbs come as a set.

What power are the lamps?
7 watt.

How often should I change the discs?
Every 2-4 weeks, depending on catch rate.

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