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Greenhouse & Garden Insect Catcher Kit - Twinpack

Product Code: STV013
  • Bird-safe outdoor insect catcher
  • Attracts and kills insects and pests
  • Snap shut cover with easy-peel backing for clean assembly
  • Can be attached to garden cane
  • Refills are biodegradable
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The Greenhouse Insect Traps from Defenders is a product which can be used to attract and kill plant pests, including Greenfly, Blackfly, Whitefly and Midges using the irresistible to aphid, aureola-yellow coloured adhesive traps. The double sided adhesive traps will help keep your greenhouse plants from infestation and possible damage from sap sucking aphid pests. The traps are quick and easy to install deliver effective control that will result in healthier plant growth and higher yields from greenhouse crops.


Sap suckers

Commonly found in gardens, there are more than 500 species in Britain but often referred to as greenfly or blackfly however aphids can be many colours, even pink! This tiny insect sucks saps from growth and leaves behind sticky honeydew that can lead to mould on plants. They can be particularly dangerous to vegetable and fruit plants as they carry viruses, but any plant can be an attractive food source to these tiny pests.

You may be able to spot the aphid infestations on plants near the tops of new shoots, buds and under leaves. If you can’t see the physical pest, curled, dying leaves and weak plants are another suggestion of infestation.


Aphids usually become more populous in spring, ahead of when their natural predators like hover flies and midges are in peak, but will be controlled by these later in the year. To get ahead of the aphid infestation and prevent the damage these can cause, non-toxic controls should be used to avoid contamination to beneficial garden insects such as bees. Aphids reproduce quickly, so getting on top of the infestation as soon as possible is key.

Blast the affected plants with cold water – this will often knock the aphids off and they’ll struggle to find their way back to the original plant. Plant catnip, garlic and chives to repel them naturally.

Defend against infestations

The Insect Catcher traps from Defenders work to attract a wide range of crawly insect pests that feast on your previous growth. The lure of the bright yellow sticky surface attracts, traps aphids to control infestations fast. Available to hang in greenhouses or as part of a protected cage design for external areas protecting against the trapping of non-target animals such as birds, position near the plants you wish to protect.


Organic gardening

Part of the poison-free gardening range from Defenders.


  • Remove the protected paper from the trap.
  • Hang or insert onto a garden cane
  • For outdoor use Defenders Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector (sold separately).


After use simply remove the sticky pad and to your compost. Traps are made from paper and contain a non toxic glue.

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How many sticky pads are provided?

There is a single pad included. 


Can I purchase refills?

Refills are available in a pack of 5 (STV017).


Does the product contain poison?

No, the trap has a sticky surface for controlling insects.


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