Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector

Product Code: STV415
  • Detects and repels herons and other unwanted wildlife from ponds and gardens without harm.
  • Effective against herons, foxes, cats, squirrels and other nuisance animals.
  • Easy set-up using standard hose connection and battery power.
  • 0-10 metre range with adjustable PIR settings.
  • All-weather encapsulated electronics - not recommended to be used or left out in freezing conditions.
  • Not recommended to be used in direct sunlight or left out during freezing conditions.
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The Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector protects vulnerable areas such as garden ponds, pools, aquatic areas, lawns, flowerbeds and hen runs from herons, cats, foxes, deer, rabbits and other nuisance wildlife. The motion-activated repeller detects animal movement and shoots a jet of water to deter the most persistent garden pests. Coverage area is adjustable up to 10 metres in a 120º arc, creating a protected zone of over 100 square metres.
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Does this have to be used with an outside tap or can an alternative source of water be used?
The unit requires pressure to work so a connection to a mains tap is required.

Does it work at night?
Yes, this is enabled by the motion sensor.

What is a PIR sensor?
Passive infrared sensor - these are commonly used in security alarms and automatic lights and work by detecting infrared light reflecting off moving objects.

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