Neo Zap Electronic Rat Killer - Fast Kill, Humane Rat Trap

Product Code: STV721
  • Patent-pending bait technology overcomes neophobia of target rats using non-toxic bait developed by pest control professionals
  • Safe and effective – kills rats in seconds
  • Delivers up to 50 kills per battery set (4 x AA batteries, not included)
  • Starter-pack of 6 poison-free Neo-Zap Baits included
  • Micro-switch protection for safe handling and re-baiting
  • System status and low battery indicator lights
  • Smart-circuit technology re-sets automatically
  • Refill with STV724
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Trade price £27.78
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Ultra Power Neo Zap Electronic Rat Killer for the Big Cheese features patent pending technology that delivers fast and humane control of target pests - just like the professionals use. Each unit includes a starter-pack of high palatability Neo-Zap Rodent Lure, with refill readily available on-line and from local stockists. Set-up and operation of the battery powered unit is simple. A single battery set generates up to 50 lethal electrical charges and the unit is guaranteed to kill rats.

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