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Off My Nuts Squirrel Spinner

Product Code: STV680
  • Activates automatically to spin and deter squirrels and larger birds such as pigeons, from stealing bird food.
  • Fits all feeders.
  • Does not prevent birds from feeding or cause harm to squirrels.
  • Requires 3 x C batteries.
  • Weather-resistant.
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Off-my-nuts Squirrel Spinner is an effective and welfare-friendly way to prevent squirrels stealing food from birdfeeders. The unit detects the tilt caused by a squirrel's bodyweight, activating the battery-powered motor for 10 seconds. As the bird feeder hanging below spins, it encourages the squirrel to jump off without harm. Feeding birds will not activate the device, ensuring the birds get all the nuts. Repeat activation will train even the most persistent squirrel to seek food elsewhere.
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Can this product be left outside during winter?
Yes, it can be used in all weather conditions.

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