Outdoor Fly Trap Refill Pack - 6 Sachets

Product Code: ZER546
  • Super effective fly attractant refill for Ultimate Outdoor Fly Trap (ZER540) and XL Outdoor Fly Trap (ZER545).
  • Season-long refill pack.
  • Includes 6 x 8g sachets.
  • Outdoor use – attracts flies within a radius of up to 10m.
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Developed and used by professional pest control operators, Zero In® Ultra Power Fly Bait is highly effective and each sachet refill will deliver continuous outdoor fly control for over 4 weeks. In optimum conditions (warm, still weather) the protected zone of Zero In fly traps exceeds 300m², and each unit will attract flies from a distance of up to 10 metres. Poison-free - water activated bait.
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What can this bait be used with?
This bait is ideal for use with the ZER540 Ultimate Outdoor Fly Trap and the ZER545 XL Outdoor Fly Trap.

How many sachets are in the box?
Contains 6 x 8g sachets

What are the ingredients?
The bait made from food grade materials, formulated by specialists to attract flies. No poisons or chemicals are used.

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