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Ultra Power 5 Metre Sticky Fly Roll

Product Code: ZER506
  • Cost-effective insect control.
  • Kills flies and nuisance flying insects without using pesticides.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties including stables and farm buildings.
  • Printed with special design to encourage flies to land on it and maximise the catch.
  • Draw out as much paper as needed and simply tear-off when filled.
  • Measures 5m x 15cm.
Hotspot Display Double-Sided Display
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Zero In® Ultra Power Sticky Fly Roll ensures effective, poison-free fly control year-round. The 5 metre, double-sided sticky Fly Roll features printed fly images and is coated with high-tack adhesive to attract and trap flies by the thousand. Hang the Sticky Fly Roll wherever flies are a problem. Ideal for use in barns, outbuildings and other areas susceptible to fly infestations. Clean and easy fly control. Use in indoor and covered areas.
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How wide is the roll?
15cm width.

Can I use this in my barn/horse stable?
Yes this fly paper can be used in a variety of locations under cover - residential and commercial.

Does it have an odour?
No, the product is odourless.

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