Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer

Product Code: STV722
  • Kills 100+ mice per set of AA batteries (not included).
  • Quick, effective and humane.
  • Clean kill in seconds.
  • Semi-transparent window for quick and easy kill verification.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • Bait with STV163.
Core Product Double-Sided Display
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The Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer from The Big Cheese® is an effective and humane way to catch and kill mice in indoor areas – like the professionals use. Ergonomic electrical plates sense when a mouse enters the trap, delivering a high-voltage charge that kills in seconds once the mouse is enclosed within the unit. The Electronic Mouse Killer is guaranteed to kill mice, or your money back. The semi-transparent lid makes it easy to identify a successful kill and the catch can be disposed of by simply opening the lid – no mess, no fuss and no need to touch the captured mouse. An internal micro-switch, together with built-in safety features makes this trap safe to use in areas around children and pets. Kills over 100 mice per set of batteries.
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Can I use this product outside?
No, due to the electrical nature of the product, it should only be used indoors. The product should also not be used in dusty areas or where dry, leafy material may accidentally enter the trap.

Can I use this around pets?
The trap is smaller enough so that cat and dog paws cannot get into the protective housing over the metal plates.

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