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Natural Insect Killer Auto Dispenser Kit - 200ml Aerosol

Product Code: ZER562
  • Automatic flying insect killer.
  • 24-hour protection.
  • Contains dispenser and one ZER564 refill can (200ml)
  • Contains natural Pyrethrins.
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Zero In® Natural Insect Killer Auto Dispenser & Refill is an automatic intermittent aerosol dispenser space spray that will treat a wide range of flying and crawling insects in buildings and living spaces. Automatically kills flies, wasps and mosquitoes. Home and commercial use.
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Can this take rechargeable batteries?
Rechargeable batteries won't last as long as standard alkaline batteries so rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use.

What interval do I set it to?
Set the unit to dispense every 36 minutes. Do not set a more frequent interval.

Does it have a power indicator?
Yes, the LED will flash once every 5 seconds as a working reminder and continuously five times before spraying once.

Is this safe around children and pets?
Children and pets should be excluded from the room during treatment. The treatment area should be ventilated prior to re-entry to prevent inhalation.

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