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Hawk Kite Bird Scarer

Product Code: STV968
  • Effective bird scaring device, suitable for small-holdings and keen garden growers.
  • Pole mounted kite suspends over crops, swooping and diving even in the lightest of winds.
  • All-weather durable materials.
  • 4 metre fibreglass mounting pole and ground spike provided.
  • Can be mounted onto hard surfaces using STV948 Swoop Bird Scarer Kite hard ground mount.
  • Colour may vary
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All-in-one kite kit with ground anchor, 4 metre telescopic fibreglass pole, and life-sized swooping hawk. Swoop Hawk Kite is an easy and effective way to deter nuisance birds from buildings and crops alike, without doing harm to their natural habitats. The Hawk Kite is ideal for use in allotments, vegetable patches, and newly seeded lawns, as well as on roof tops, buildings, and other vulnerable areas. The Hawk Kite is an effective deterrent of pigeons, starlings, gulls and crows, and it will deter flocking birds as well as discourage unwanted feeding and nesting in protected areas. The Hawk Kite is lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant. It is simple to set up and requires only a light breeze to fly. To achieve the maximum deterrent effect install the Hawk Kite with a clear view of the affected area, ideally at the highest point of the protected zone.
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What are the dimensions of the Hawk itself?
1.4m wingspan.

How long is the pole?
4m corrosion-resistant telescopic pole.

Can I put this on my roof?
It can be used on a roof, however in strong or high winds it should be removed.

What wind speed will it work up to?
The kite will need to be taken down when winds exceed 20mph (10m/s).

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