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Wasp Nest Killer Powder - 300g

Product Code: ZER910
  • Advanced puffer pack enables accurate placement of powder in and around area where wasps are active.
  • Use along walls or vents where wasps are frequently seen.
  • Child resistant cap.
  • Contains Permethrin.
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Zero In® Wasp Nest Killer Powder is an insecticidal powder for killing wasps in the nest. Areas of wasp activity should be treated late evening or early morning when activity is at its minimum. Quick, effective control. Nozzle for application into the nest.
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When do I apply the powder?
Wasp nests should be treated late evening or early morning when the wasps are less active. Do not stand directly underneath the nest. If the nest entrance is not visible, apply the powder where the wasp activity is seen, such as through holes or gaps in walls.

What does the powder contain?
Contains 0.5% w/w permethrin.

What does w/w mean?
Weight for weight which indicates the proportion of the active substance in the product by weight.

How does the lid work?
Shake container and remove cap. Snip the end of the application spout. Tip the bottle so the powder collects into the nozzle, squeeze the container and apply the insecticidal powder liberally.

Will this kill bees?
This is hazardous to bees. Action should be taken to prevent foraging bees gaining access to treated nests, preferably by removing the combs or blocking the nest entrance. If a honeybees nest is suspected we would recommend you use a swarm collector from the British Bee Keepers Association or getting in touch with the Tree Bee Society.

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