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Wasp Nest Killer Foam - 300ml Aerosol

Product Code: ZER904
  • Kills wasps in the nest indoors and outside.
  • Treats nests safely from a distance of up to 2m.
  • Contains 1R-Trans Phenothrin and Tetramethrin.
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Zero In® Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam is an insecticidal foaming spray for killing wasps in the nest. The nest should be treated late evening or early morning when the wasps are less active. Contains sufficient foam for around 2-3 treatments. Fast acting formula. Apply from a distance.
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Why do I need to treat in early morning or late at night?
This is when the wasps are less active and are less likely to react to the treatment.

Do I need to wear protective clothing?
It is recommended that protective clothing is worn and that you stand well back. Be aware of the wind direction before spraying.

I have treated the nest and can still see wasps, what should I do?
This is not unusual, there is enough in the aerosol for 2-3 treatments, simply apply the treatment again.

I cannot get to the entrance of the nest, will it still work?
Depending on the position of the nest, the foam will work. However, aiming into the entrance of the nest will ensure most of the inhabitants are destroyed. If you are having difficulty treating the nest because of its position we recommend calling in a professional.

What is the active ingredient?
Contains permethrin 0.27% and tetramethrin 0.11%.

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